The Parcel Industry

For over 35 years Talos has been providing quality components for the parcel industry. Able to support your conveyor, chute, platform and accessory needs, Talos is the marquee supplier for parcel material handling equipment. Over the years we have continued expanding our product portfolio, allowing us to increase support to our customers. This support goes past the initial equipment sale, as we value feedback on Talos’ customer service, project execution and equipment installation. It’s your feedback which allows us to continuously improve, making us better each day.

If you want to see how business can improve lives, give Talos a call!

Equipment Information

General Specifications

Talos’ standard welded and bolted construction conveyor product line is targeted to the long lifespan and heavy duty use requirements of the parcel industry. The majority of our conveyors fall into the following ranges:

  • 25”, 31”, 37”, 43”, 49” and 61.5” widths (between frames)
  • 8’ to 190’ length
  • 30 to 540fpm
  • 1 to 15HP
  • Welded or Bolted installation

Powered Components

Designed for simple installation and decades of low-maintenance safe operation, our powered component line gives motion to the system.

  • Drives
  • End Idlers/Tails
    • Standard
    • Dead End (stationary shaft)
  • Noseovers
  • Hitches

Static Components

The structure of the conveyor itself, Talos static components are the building blocks of your conveyor system.

  • Sliderbeds/Intermediates
    • 7, 10 and 12ga up to 12 ft. long
    • Optional carrying and return rollers – shop installed
  • Guardrail/Sidepan
  • Supports
  • Safety Guarding
    • Conveyor Handrail
    • Bottom Guards
    • Drive Guards
    • Filler Plates

Non-Magnetic UHMW Chutes

Talos' patented UHMW chute designs make us one of the few available UHMW chute providers in the industry. Our UHMW chutes designed to be easily installed, shipped, and can be custom designed to fit nearly any application.

  • Straight chutes
  • Spiral chutes (15deg and up)
  • Self-Centering Straight Chutes

Galvanized Steel Chutes

Talos custom chute designs lead the industry for easy installation and can be modified to fit a wide range of applications. We also offer movable chutes for bi-modal facility designs.

  • Straight chutes
  • Spiral chutes (15deg and up)
  • Spur chutes
  • Butterfly chutes
  • Tip Chutes
    • Straight or Spiral
    • Counterweighted or electric winch
  • Shuttle chutes
    • Dual spiral or straight/spiral combo
    • Manual, Pneumatic, or Electric Actuation
  • Coal chutes
  • Concave tip chutes


Talos offers all of the small components that make a big difference in the functionality of any system.

  • Diverters
    • Fixed
    • Pneumatic
  • Transfer Chutes
  • Load Chart Holders
  • Smalls Bin
  • Smalls Chutes

Caster Deck

Provide multi-directional movement of heavy containers, or products, allowing for easier handling by employees. Talos has a range of standard deck sizes, but we accommodate any dimensions needed.

  • Caster Decks
  • Roller Decks

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity conveyors provide low cost transportation and flexible accumulation for sortation operations.

  • Dual Lane Roller
  • Ball Tables
  • Gravity Gates
  • Sort Slides
  • Flex Slides
  • Skatewheel


With an infinite array of shapes and sizes, Talos builds platforms to fit any application.

  • Vanline Walkways
  • Maintenance
  • General
  • Stairs and Ladders
    • Ships Ladder
    • Platform Ladder
    • Vertical Ladder

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